"An inspiring retreat shows how confronting stage fright can be a fun - and funny- way to tap into hidden confidence and creativity. This is women at their best -- laughing, empathizing and noticing and applauding every tiny milestone that anyone reaches. They are happy to share their vulnerabilities as well as their tissues. Goodman, a bundle of positive energy, cultivates this atmosphere of trust and openess.... [She] somehow manages to be charming and challenging at the same time."

New Age Journal
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Real Women Profil 

By Megan Ault Regnerus

"While one might describe Katie Goodman as an actress or comedienna, those labels would fall short of explaining what happens when genius meets seemingly ceaseless energy."
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"Katie Goodman's improv-comedy/life coaching approach is fantastic. Her guidance and feedback taught me more about myself than years of therapy, giving me insights I never thought possible without the help of psychotropic mushrooms. Line up to buy her books and workshops--she's worth it!"

–Martha Beck


The Joan Hamburg Show, February 12,2008: Joan Hamburg talks about how to put yourself on an E-mail detox with Katie Goodman from O, The Oprah Magazine, listen here.


“Those who heard you, Katie, were captivated by your energy, your personal and accessible style and the compassionate humor—they’re still talking about it. You were, in a word, a huge hit! To my delight—and to the audience’s—you handled them with grace, insight, and wit. Anytime, you want to return, you say the word. We would love to host you again! I know I left enlightened and invigorated, and that’s a terrific gift. And, I think those who can transmit that power—the power of creative ideas—those folks have a responsibility to do so. It’s valuable information; it’s the sort of thing that keeps a community’s soul alive. And, you can bring that.”

- Dean Williamson, Sunflower Center for Arts

"Katie offered two presentations for us, which included a 3-hour workshop for the North Dakota Nursing Regional Assembly conference as well as a workshop for women in our local community. Both groups enjoyed her hands-on presentation style which included improvisation skills for thinking outside the box, listening to your intuition, gagging that inner critic and letting go. I would highly recommend Katie Goodman's workshops to conferences, organizations' retreats or any individuals who are looking for laughter and a means to connect with other women. These skills are truly applicable to anyone."

–Sandra Opdahl, MS, RN of Healthy Living Education

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"I knew the workshop would energize me and give me confidence, but I'm amazed at the strength of the energy and confidence this weekend has inspired. Katie possesses a real knack for putting people at their ease. Her inner peace and strength draw others to her and her humor and intelligence keep them around." –Pam S.

"Improvisation for the Spirit answers the question "How can I be whole in all that I do, achieve and who I interact with?" It was beautiful! Katie wonderfully blended a playful yet professional approach in all the activities. She chose a curriculum that spoke to me and the others in an encouraging way." –Lisa K.

"I was in need of a non-judgmental, accepting environment. I realized how simple and relaxed my life really is but how difficult I make it. Trusting that everything will work out in an improv game can apply to life. Kate is terrific." –Marjorie D.

"Katie told us to clear our minds and the comedy would come. I told her there would be nothing there. I was wrong." –Anne W.