Erin Roberg

ErinThis marks Erin’s 15th-year anniversary since her debut with Broad Comedy. As is Erin’s typical experience with anniversaries, Broad Comedy completely spaced the occasion, and once reminded, gave hand tools instead of the diamond encrusted pendant from Kay Jewelers that she saw on TV and had been hinting about for over a year. Oh, but now Erin feels guilty because Broad Comedy has always been there for her in all of her past performances. Erin is the Artistic Director of Verge Theatre in Bozeman, Montana. She received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota and performed professionally in Minneapolis before taking a lifestyle change by moving to Montana. Because of that move she was able to make her New York debut. Ain’t irony grand?! Erin is thrilled to be able to live where she wants to and still create the kind of edgy work she loves, continuing to push the envelope. And by envelope, of course, she means her vagina.